Our work involves the Biological Wastewater Treatment, the supply of materials, the carrying out of studies, the installation and operation of an integrated biological treatment system.

Our company was founded in 1980. We are located in Acharnes. We only employ specialized personnel and we are constantly progressing following the development in the sector of biological cleaning. The techniques we apply to our constructions comply with the European Directive ΕΝ 12566-3 and the Greek legislation FEK 354.

We undertake the installation of integrated modern applications of biological wastewater treatment all over Greece and abroad, for individuals and professionals.

Our Goals are:
Our customers’ satisfaction, social development and environmental protectionη

These three main elements are the driving force of our company and we have been proud of the results of our business development so far.

Through our projects, our clients have had a rewarding investment that offers a better quality of life for themselves and their next generations. Always respecting the environment, while contributing to the development of economy.

We carry out / implement what we promise, under a written guarantee.


The sectors in which we are active

Study and design

of biological treatment of sewage systems.


of biological wastewater treatment taking into account whatever particularities in any case


concerning the degraded operation of the system


in the field of systems, components and consumables

Conversion and upgrade

conversion of an existing conventional cesspool into a biological one or upgrading of an existing biological cesspool

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