Green energy


Nowadays, clean water is in deficiency due to the fact that, on the one hand, the vast quantities of fresh water coming from springs and rivers is not used but it is directed to the sea. Combined with the prolonged periods of lack of rain, the problem gets more and more intense.
The contamination of surface sourses and rainwater and the dissimilar distribution of water resources make wastewater treatment necessary, now, so that it can be reused for agricultural irrigation, for the enrichment of underground aquifers, and even for the urban use of fire fighting in toilets as well as for its use as potable water.

In our country, we are in the early stages of wastewater utilization, which has been used in other countries for many years, especially in the field of agriculture. The processing and re-use of urban wastewater for irrigation purposes is currently an important field of research, application and action development.

Our company has been dealing with biological wastewater treatment since 1980. Recently, it has introduced systems of biological wastewater treatment, coming from leading European companies, exclusively in Greece.
We have installed a large number of biological units throughout Greece. We also have the ability to offer complete sewage treatment systems for homes, hotels, restaurants, crafts, factories, boats and pleasure boats, with the most reliable, safe and very cost-effective solutions since in no case is the construction of cesspools affordable.

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