Final water treatment

A range of products that use the latest technology. Decontamination systems for drinking water intended for human use.

UV disinfection LAMPUR
The possible presence of bacteria in the water intended for human consumption can have a serious health impact. Using UV bulbs allow disinfection without altering the organic elements of the processed water. The system consists of stainless steel with ultraviolet light bulb. Disinfection equipment is designed so that its installation and further maintenance can be very simple.The LAMPUR system consists of:
  • steel AISI 304 for UV bulb
  • UV bulb
  • Electrical control and handling system
  • LAMPUR PLUS (Plus version with LCD display with red LED for the operation and the control of temperature-radiation)
Sultan Tec cleaners
Sultan Tec cleaners are a compact system for filtering, softening, removing odors and decontaminating drinking water. By using this system, you can get clean water without chlorine, odor and taste.Categories:
  • Sultan Tec