Biotecs offers a variety of tanks for water retention and recovery, rainwater exploitation systems, pumping stations (rainwater – sewage) that are at your disposal, ready to meet even the most demanding installation.

System for the collection of domestic effluent for irrigation and domestic use of water not intended for human use.

It is also used for hotels, hospitals, cinemas, theaters, schools, car washing machohe, garages, industries, crafts, and entire neighborhoods.

The rainwater recovery system is complemented by a filtration system for final disinfection prior to use. The rainwater recovery system consists of a rainwater filtration filter, a polyethylene storage tank and a pump controlled by a switch. The system allows the reuse of rain water for irrigation or external washing.





  • Sewage Transmission Stations for 800 liters, Lift 800 with one or two pumps
  • Sewage Transmission Stations for 1600 liters, Lift 1600 with one or two pumps


  • Horizontal Subsoil tanks
  • Vertical Underground tanks
  • Subsoil tank with Inox gasket
  • Modular subsoil tanks

Autoclaved tanks include the following categories:

  • The ones with external pump
  • The ones with underwater pump
  • The ones with underwater pump inverter

An additional electronic switch that adjusts the operating status according to plant information for high accuracy and reliability.

Biotecs offers a wide variety of outdoor tanks to serve the customer better



  • Suitcase type tank
  • Container type tank
  • Pig type tank
  • Vertical tank
  • Cube type tank
  • Column type tanks
  • Barrel Type Tank